The new Family Planning Glove is ready!

Our part­ner in manu­fac­tu­ring some of our tools, Hand­Werk­Wi­en, a socio-eco­no­mic tailo­ring com­pa­ny in Vien­na, is extre­me­ly active in pro­du­cing our new GLOVE model “WHY FAMILY PLANNING”.

This model shows how AKTION REGEN dif­fers from other orga­ni­za­ti­ons that pro­vi­de infor­ma­ti­on about fami­ly plan­ning:
We start with the ques­ti­on WHY befo­re we go on with exp­lai­ning HOW.
WHY does fami­ly plan­ning make sen­se?
HOW can it impro­ve every woman’s life, espe­ci­al­ly in coun­tries in the South of the world?
WHY can fami­ly plan­ning give us a good life for ever­yo­ne !?