The imple­men­ta­ti­on of our pro­jects, the accom­p­animent of the Rain Workers in the Afri­can pro­ject coun­tries and the fur­ther deve­lo­p­ment of the Akti­on Regen — Edu­ca­ti­on Pro­grams is only pos­si­ble thanks to the gre­at com­mit­ment of our vol­un­te­ers! Thank you for dedi­ca­ting a lar­ge part of your heart to Akti­on Regen
for so long and con­ti­nuous­ly and for beeing invol­ved in all aspects of Akti­on Regen!
Thank you to the staff at our head­quar­ters in Vien­na — you not only work — you ful­fill your tasks with pas­si­on and dedication!


maria neu
Prof. Dr. med. Maria Hengstberger

Doc­tor of Gyne­co­lo­gy and Obstetrics, with 40 years of expe­ri­ence prac­ti­cing medi­ci­ne. Trai­ned blind women to per­form bre­ast can­cer exami­na­ti­ons. Foun­der and chair­wo­man of Akti­on Regen, and deve­lo­p­ment worker. Under­took lec­tures throughout Aus­tria offe­ring know­ledge in exchan­ge for dona­ti­ons to build up Akti­on Regen.

MAJutta Reisinger
Dr. med. Jutta Reisinger
Rain Worker Trainer

GP in pri­va­te prac­ti­ce in Lienz, Tyrol. Medi­cal con­sul­tant for various deve­lo­p­ment pro­jects, and Rain Worker Trai­ner with Akti­on Regen. Worked on pro­jects in India, Ban­gla­desh and the Phil­ip­pi­nes and mana­ges pro­jects for Akti­on Regen in Kenya, Sudan and Senegal.

Dagmar Ransmayr neu heller
Mag. Dagmar Ransmayr
Rain Worker Trainer

Psy­cho­lo­gist, Social worker, and orga­niz­a­tio­nal con­sul­tant. Con­duc­ted nume­rous pro­jects abroad and worked as an edu­ca­tio­nal con­sul­tant in India and South Afri­ca. Foun­ded and directs the mul­ti­cul­tu­ral thea­ter group “Die Frem­den”. Mana­ges Akti­on Regen’s pro­jects in Ethiopia.

Martin Wesian, MSc.
Depu­ty Cashier

Mar­tin Wesi­an focu­ses on topics such as sus­tainab­le growth, fru­gal inno­va­ti­on, cir­cu­lar eco­no­my and social entre­pre­neurs­hip. In this role Mar­tin foun­ded the Social Enter­pri­se HELIOZ, is also a foun­ding board mem­ber of the Social Entre­pre­neurs­hip Net­work Aus­tria (SENA) and at the board of the Glo­bal Com­pact Austria.
Mar­tin Wesi­an, holds a MSc. in Inter­na­tio­nal Busi­ness Engi­nee­ring from UAS Tech­ni­kum Vien­na and is a trai­ned Coör­di­na­tor for the Sus­tainab­le Deve­lo­p­ment Goals.

Wolfgang Hitschmann neu heller
DI Wolfgang Hitschmann
Vice Pre­si­dent

Indus­tri­al and mecha­ni­cal engi­neer. Mana­ged the Aus­tri­an branch of an inter­na­tio­nal elec­tro­nics com­pa­ny until 1999, reti­red in 2000 and has been vol­un­tee­ring with Akti­on Regen sin­ce 2012.

joachim frank quadratisch
Mag. Joachim Frank

Full-time finan­cial, dona­ti­on and pro­ject mana­ger for the NGO Ami­na (Akti­on for Men­schen in Not, Vien­na).


Nina 2
Mag. Nina Gruy-Jany
PR, Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, Fundraising

Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on spe­cia­list, life and social coun­selor, fami­ly and health coach, his­to­ri­an. Expe­ri­en­ced in mar­ke­ting acti­vi­ties at Aus­tria. Red Cross; Psy­cho­log. Con­sul­ting and coa­ching prac­ti­ce for fami­lies, women, child­ren. Estab­lish­ment and manage­ment of the fami­ly cen­ter “Men­schen­gar­ten” .

Anne-Marie Krammer
Ppro­ject Staff Member

I was born in Zam­bia and grew up in Aus­tria and have always been very inte­res­ted in inter­cul­tu­ral and huma­ni­ta­ri­an issu­es. I have been invol­ved in nume­rous pri­va­te initia­ti­ves for “my” peop­le in Zam­bia, e.g. through the orga­ni­sa­ti­on of edu­­ca­­ti­on- and hygie­­­ne-aid-deli­­ve­­ries; it is clo­se to my heart to do some­thing for the peop­le in my con­ti­nent of ori­gin and I am hap­py to now learn more about DC work through Akti­on Regen and to per­so­nal­ly make posi­ti­ve con­tri­bu­ti­ons to Afri­ca; why Akti­on Regen? I have known Maria Hengst­ber­ger sin­ce the foun­da­ti­on of AR and — final­ly — have the chan­ce and oppor­tu­ni­ty to actively participate!

MA_Ines Kohl
Dr. Ines Kohl
Gene­ral Secretary

Social anthro­po­lo­gist, from 2005 to 2015 employ­ed as a rese­ar­cher at the Aus­tri­an Aca­de­my of Sci­en­ces and guest lec­tu­rer at natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal uni­ver­si­ties. Rese­arch in Libya and Niger and aut­hor of several books and nume­rous arti­cles. Chair­wo­man of AMINA, co-foun­­­der of IMARAN, Aoo­cia­ti­on Autri­che-Niger. Employ­ed as Pro­ject Coör­di­na­tor at Akti­on Regen sin­ce 2018 and Pro­gram­me Mana­ger sin­ce 2019.


Mamadou Koné, MES
Rain Worker Trai­ner, net­wor­ker of the dia­spo­ra in Austria

Hono­ra­ry Con­sul of Mali, Akti­on Regen Trai­ner and Pro­ject Mana­ger for Mali. Respon­si­ble for net­wor­king among the Afri­can Dia­spo­ra Com­mu­nities in Vien­na. Mas­ter of Euro­pean Stu­dies and PhD stu­dent at the Insti­tu­te for Poli­ti­cal Sci­ence and Inter­na­tio­nal Rela­ti­ons at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Vienna.


Angelika Lackner

Mana­ged the secre­ta­ri­at from 2000 to 09/2020, in addi­ti­on to admi­nis­tra­ti­on, accoun­ting and cor­­re­­s­pon­­dence-sup­­por­­ting for Dr. Hengst­ber­ger in imple­men­ting her visi­on. “As a long-time employee, I have wit­nessed the steady deve­lo­p­ment of our asso­cia­ti­on. It is won­der­ful for me to see what Akti­on Regen has achie­ved over the years and to obser­ve how initi­al small ide­as even­tual­ly grow into lar­ge pro­jects that posi­tively influ­ence and impro­ve the lives of thousands of women in Afri­ca. It fills me with pri­de to be able to make a small con­tri­bu­ti­on to this.” The cor­rect com­ple­ti­on of the book­kee­ping is also a mat­ter clo­se to her heart in retirement.

Margaret Bachlechner neu heller
Margaret Bachlechner
East Afri­ca Mobi­le Office, Rain Worker Trainer

Social worker. Work with various NGOs in Kenya, whe­re she was born, sin­ce 1980. E.g. the “Green Belt Move­ment” and “The Nest” a pro­ject for homeless youth in Limu­ru. Co-foun­­­der and board mem­ber of the NGO TUKUTANE. Deve­lo­ped a pro­ject for the pro­tec­tion of Maa­sai Girl’s from FGM and ear­ly mar­ria­ge in 2000, in Kajia­do, Kenya. Pro­ject manage­ment for Kenya and Rain Worker trai­nings in Kenya (in Akam­ba, Kikuyu, Kis­wa­hi­li, Eng­lish, Ger­man) sin­ce 2011. Mar­ga­ret has led the East Afri­ca Mobi­le Office sin­ce 2020.


operational staff

Ing. Friedrich Kopitar

Ing. für Kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons­tech­nik, arbei­te­te von 1978 bis 2018 in den Berei­chen Kom­­mu­­ni­­ka­­ti­on- und Welt­raum­tech­nik in lei­ten­der Funk­ti­on in einem inter­na­tio­nal täti­gen Elek­tronik­kon­zern. Seit 2015 Gewer­be als Psy­cho­lo­gi­scher Bera­ter für Lebens- und Sinn­fra­gen, auch als Super­vi­sor (WKO Exper­ten­pool) und ehren­amt­li­cher Kran­ken­haus­seel­sor­ger tätig, seit 2016 ehren­amt­lich im Vor­stand des Aus­bil­dungs­ver­ei­nes tätig, seit 2021 für Akti­on Regen ehren­amt­lich tätig. Details unter

Sita, 06.01.2019
Sita Weinrich
Vol­un­teer: for­mer secreta­ry, Eng­lish trans­la­tor, HIV/AIDS Expert

For­mer libra­ry clerk at the secre­ta­ri­at of the United Nati­ons Depart­ment of Inter­na­tio­nal Tra­de Law (UNCITRAL). Spe­cia­list in HIV/AIDS. Under­took the U.N. HIV / AIDS Faci­li­ta­ti­on Trai­ning in Vien­na in 2005 and the Encha­da HIV / AIDS trai­ner cour­se in 2008. Sin­ce 2008 con­sul­tant for HIV / AIDS pre­ven­ti­on for employees at the United Nati­ons in Vien­na. Has been vol­un­tee­ring to teach HIV / AIDS pre­ven­ti­on and sexu­al and repro­duc­ti­ve health edu­ca­ti­on in Eri­trea year­ly sin­ce 2001.



Por-Otto-Hofmannsrichter-W-A-28-8-20192090 1
Otto Hofmannsrichter
Vol­un­teer: Web Design

Cer­ti­fied web desi­gner, self-employ­ed in the are­as of adver­ti­sing gra­phic design and office ser­vice, among other for Loun­geFM and Tonio.

Susanna-Herrgesell-Portrait Susanna Herrgesell
RAIN WORKER Co-Trainerin

Ich bin Sozi­al­ar­bei­te­rin und Ärz­tin für All­ge­mein­me­di­zin und lei­te die Wie­ner Schu­le für cra­nio­sa­cra­le Bio­dy­na­mik . Mein gro­ßes Inter­es­se ist seit jeher wie Men­schen in unter­schied­li­chen sozia­len und kul­tu­rel­len Kon­tex­ten ihr Leben meis­tern. Ich arbei­te­te  2 Jah­re in Ost­afri­ka in einem Spi­tal und es ist mir ein gro­ßes Anlie­gen Frau­en in aller Welt zu unterstützen.

Eduardo Kapapelo, PhD MA BA
Trai­ner, Human Rights Expert

I am ori­gi­nal­ly from Ango­la and work as Pro­ject Coör­di­na­tor and Rese­ar­cher at the Cent­re for Human Rights at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Pre­to­ria in South Afri­ca. I am pas­sio­na­te about sup­por­ting com­mu­nities to crea­te mecha­nisms to end/prevent vio­lent con­flict. I achie­ved my PhD from the Facul­ty of Law at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Pre­to­ria in South Afri­ca, a Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Bachelor’s Degree in Inter­na­tio­nal Rela­ti­ons and Poli­ti­cal Sci­en­ces (same Univ.).I’m inte­res­ted inte­res­ted in rese­arch and pro­jects that lay at the inter­sec­tion of psy­cho­lo­gy, poli­tics, law and human rights, spe­ci­fi­cal­ly the inter­na­tio­nal poli­tics of human rights, aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an regimes and poli­ti­cal repres­si­on, and arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence and human rights. I love sci­ence fic­tion books and films and on occa­si­on enjoy play­ing the gui­tar and harmonica.

Doris Kreimel 2 Doris Kreimel
RAIN WORKER-Trai­ne­rin i.A.

Ich bin glück­lich ver­hei­ra­tet und Mut­ter von zwei wun­der­ba­ren Kin­dern, einer Toch­ter mit 3,5 Jah­ren und einem Sohn mit gut einem Jahr. Seit 2013 arbei­te ich — mit eini­gen Unter­bre­chun­gen auf Grund der Kin­der — mit gro­ßer Lei­den­schaft bei Akti­on Regen als Refe­ren­tin in Öster­reich und als Co-Trai­­ne­­rin in Kenia. Seit 2015 bin ich Ärz­tin für All­ge­mein­me­di­zin, ver­tre­te der­zeit drei nie­der­ge­las­se­ne Ärz­te in mei­ner Umge­bung und über­neh­me eini­ge Nacht­diens­te im Monat in der nahen Reha­kli­nik. Der­zeit absol­vie­re ich die Psy­cho­the­ra­pie­aus­bil­dung in sys­te­mi­scher Therapie.

Magdalena Liebenauer-Haschek, BA
RAIN WORKER Co-Trainerin

Mei­ne Mas­ter­ar­beit der Aus­bil­dung zur Sozi­al­ar­bei­te­rin habe ich über Tan­sa­nia geschrie­ben und war dort for­schend tätig. Sozia­les huma­ni­tä­res Enga­ge­ment sind seit jeher ein fes­ter Bestand­teil mei­nes Lebens, wie zB. die lang­jäh­ri­ge Betreu­ung von nach Öster­reich geflüch­te­te­ten Men­schen. Ich freue mich sehr, dass ich im Bil­dungs­in­sti­tut LUHETI einen idea­len Koope­ra­ti­ons­part­ner für Akti­on Regen gefun­den habe und freue mich enorm auf die Betreu­ung die­ses Projektes.

Leah Mwaisango, MA
RAIN WORKER Co-Trainerin

I work as a social work lec­tu­rer at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Dar­es­sa­laam in Tan­za­nia. Pro­fes­sio­nal­ly and pri­va­te­ly, I am clo­se­ly con­nec­ted to Aus­tria. It was here in 2020 that I met Akti­on Regen in my dia­spo­ra com­mu­ni­ty and beca­me a “Rain Friend”. The simp­le and effec­ti­ve edu­ca­tio­nal pro­gram “Know­ledge as a Chan­ce” inspi­red me from the begin­ning — this is what my peop­le in Tan­za­nia and other Afri­can coun­tries need, as RAIN WORKER-Trai­­ner I want to con­tri­bu­te to women’s empower­ment and social development!

Emanuel Kizito Nyongesa
RAIN WORKER Trai­ner in Kenia, Human Rights & Civic Developmt.Expert

I am a diplo­ma hol­der in civic and deve­lo­p­ment edu­ca­ti­on(DCDE). I work for DESECE orga­niz­a­ti­on as a Human Rights Offi­cer sin­ce 2006. In 2017 – 2021 I worked as a pro­gram­me offi­cer over­see­ing all pro­ject acti­vi­ties imple­men­ted by DESECE. Bes­i­des that I was trai­ned and cer­ti­fied as a Rain Worker by Akti­on Regen 2016 and was assi­gned a role of a super­vi­sor coör­di­na­ting a team of six Rain Workers. Later in 2020 I was pro­mo­ted to be the lead super­vi­sor and a con­ta­ct per­son for Akti­on Regen pro­ject the posi­ti­on I have held to date. In 2022 I was reco­gni­zed and assi­gned  a role of a co-trai­­ner by Akti­on Regen.

Claudia Neugebauer-Hadamek
RAIN WORKER Co-Trai­ne­rin, Hebamme

Ich bin in Wien als selb­stän­di­ge Heb­am­me aktiv, betreue Frau­en wäh­rend der Schwan­ger­schaft, der Geburt und, gemein­sam mit dem Neu­ge­bo­re­nen, im Wochen­bett. Mei­ne Schwer­punk­te sind zudem die Unter­stüt­zung durch Homöo­pa­thie und Hyp­no­se und Still­be­ra­tung. Mein Herz schlägt für Frau­en­gesund­heit — die­se nicht nur in Öster­reich, son­dern auch im Glo­ba­len Süden zu unter­stüt­zen, ist mir ein gro­ßes Anlie­gen. Dank Akti­on Regen habe ich als RAIN WORKER-Trai­­ne­­rin die Chan­ce, mei­ne Fach­kom­pe­tenz auch Mäd­chen und Frau­en in afri­ka­ni­schen Län­dern zur Ver­fü­gung zu stel­len. So hel­fe ich mit, dass ihre Selbst­be­stim­mung und Unab­hän­gig­keit gestärkt und geför­dert werden!

Dr. med. Doris Pieber
RAIN WORKER Co-Trainerin

In Graz füh­re ich als Gynä­ko­lo­gin eine Pra­xis. Seit eini­gen Jah­ren enga­gie­re ich mich ehren­amt­lich für gynä­ko­lo­gi­sche nie­der­schwel­li­ge Betreu­ung von Frau­en ohne Kran­ken­ver­si­che­rung oder jenen, die den Weg ins öffent­li­che Gesund­heits­sys­tem nicht schaffen.

Angela Priester
Sozial‑, Zirkus,-Sexual-Pädagogin, Künstlerin

Ich bin Sozi­al­päd. / Sozi­al­ar­bei­te­rin, Zir­kus­päd­ago­gin (BAG) und arbei­te frei­be­ruf­lich in unter­schied­li­chen Zwei­gen, vor­wie­gend jedoch im Zir­kus­päd­ago­gi­schen Bereich. Seit 2020 bie­te ich auch das Semi­nar „Den weib­li­chen Zyklus erfahr­bar machen“ an. Akti­on Regen unter­stüt­ze ich durch ein Paten­schaft­sys­tem, das Teil mei­nes WalkAct´s „cLiT­zern – it´s time to (Walk-) Act!“ (eine drei Meter gro­ße drei­di­men­sio­na­le Kli­to­ris, Stel­zen Walk Act) ist. – denn „jeder Trop­fen zählt“.

DGKP Ajna Sehovic
RAIN WORKER Co-Trainerin

Ich bin Dipl. Inten­siv­kran­ken­pfle­ge­rin in Wien. Mei­ne Frei­zeit ver­brin­ge ich ger­ne in der Natur und unter Men­schen. Seit jeher habe ich ein gro­ßes Inter­es­se an Ent­wick­lungs­zu­sam­men­ar­beit in afri­ka­ni­schen Län­dern — als neue RAIN WORKER-Trai­­ne­­rin von Akti­on Regen ist es nun so weitund ich bin vol­ler Vor­freu­de auf alles Kommende!

Katharina Zlattinger, MA MA
Pro­jekt­mit­ar­bei­te­rin, Co-Trainerin

Wäh­rend mei­ner Stu­di­en der Afri­ka­nis­tik und Inter­na­tio­neln Ent­wick­lun­gen konn­te ich bereits Erfah­run­gen in der EZA als Vor­stands­mit­glied von AMINA, Aktiv für Men­schen in Not und in der Flücht­lings­hil­fe in Moria auf Les­bos, machen. Für Akti­on Regen mache ich seit Ende 2021 Moni­to­ring und Pro­jekt­be­su­che in Ost­afri­ka und bin­Teil des Safe Camp Teams, wo wir Mäd­chen in Kenia vor FGM/C schüt­zen.

Interdisciplinary Advisory Board

Foto-Sieglinde Mar-Portrait_2021_01
Sieglinde Maria Mar
reti­red ban­king expert, trainer

Pro­fes­sio­nal care­er as an invest­ment expert in a bank; sin­ce 2006, imple­men­ta­ti­on of several huma­ni­ta­ri­an pro­jects, e.g. with Cari­tas Upper Aus­tria for peop­le with disa­bi­li­ties, trai­ning for manage­ment and care insti­tu­ti­ons, pro­ject SPAR-Cari­­tas Markt Wels for women re-ent­­e­­ring the labour mar­ket with a migra­ti­on back­ground and older unem­ploy­ed peop­le, pro­ject after­noon care for pupils in the lear­ning café; “Akti­on Regen” I have known sin­ce the mid-90s — as a new advi­so­ry board mem­ber, I want to actively con­tri­bu­te my ide­as to brain stor­ming pro­ces­ses. My hus­band Alfred and I reco­gni­se fami­ly plan­ning as the most effec­ti­ve mea­su­re to fight pover­ty world­wi­de.  Over­po­pu­la­ti­on is also the most important trig­ger for cli­ma­te chan­ge — that’s why we are acti­ve for Akti­on Regen!”

Univ.Lektor. kDI Alfred Mar
Food- and biotechnologist

After gai­ning expe­ri­ence in the food and feed indus­try and as head of a tech­ni­cal col­le­ge, sin­ce 1990 uni­ver­si­ty lec­tu­rer for cere­al and bak­e­ry tech­no­lo­gy at the BOKU, Insti­tu­te of Food Tech­no­lo­gy, cur­r­ent­ly pro­ject focus on cli­ma­te chan­ge and cere­al manage­ment; Pre­si­dent of the ICC — Aus­tria, INTERNAT. GES. FÜR GETREIDEWISSENSCHAFT U. TECHNOLOGIE — AUSTRIA; acti­ve in the Rota­ry Club Wels Nova and in huma­ni­ta­ri­an pro­jects; board mem­ber and hono­ra­ry mem­ber of the Aus­tri­an Socie­ty for Nut­ri­ti­on; “As a mem­ber of the advi­so­ry board, I want to pro­vi­de net­wor­king sup­port, espe­cial­ly by lin­king the Rota­ri­an Action Group for Popu­la­ti­on and Deve­lo­p­ment with Akti­on Regen.”

Mag. Viktoria Neuner, MBA

Spe­cia­list in con­tract, com­mer­cial and civil law; in her office: Vik­to­ria Neu­ner she sup­ports peop­le with com­mit­ment and legal expertise.

Dr. Herbert Hengstberger

Akti­on Regen foun­ding mem­ber and board mem­ber until 2013; has been a com­mit­ted con­tri­bu­tor to the deve­lo­p­ment and growth of Akti­on Regen along­side his wife, Maria Hengst­ber­ger, sin­ce 1989, con­tri­bu­ting his orga­ni­sa­tio­nal know­ledge as a for­mer exe­cu­ti­ve in a che­mi­cal com­pa­ny. He is Akti­on Regen’s in-house spe­cia­list for com­pa­ny orga­ni­sa­ti­on, sta­tu­tes, agree­ments and con­tracts. Herbert’s mot­to: “There’s not­hing good unless you do it!” is some­thing he has lived by every day for Akti­on Regen for over 30 years.

Prim. Dr. Peter Neuner
Spe­cia­list in gynae­co­lo­gy and obstetrics
Spe­cia­list in gynae­co­lo­gy and obstetrics at the Frei­stadt Spe­cia­list Medi­cal Cent­re, Medi­cal Direc­tor of the Depart­ment of Gynae­co­lo­gy and Obstetrics, Frei­stadt Regio­nal Hos­pi­tal; aut­hor of aca­de­mic papers and publi­ca­ti­ons on topics inclu­ding “Redu­cing Mater­nal Mor­ta­li­ty” and “Obstetric Fis­tu­la Tre­at­ment and Pre­ven­ti­on Pro­ject”; natio­nal­ly and inter­na­tio­nal­ly acti­ve mem­ber of the Rota­ri­ans — focus: deca­des of DC expe­ri­ence in Afri­ca, main­ly Nige­ria; focus: Polio vac­ci­na­ti­on pro­gram­me, fis­tu­la ope­ra­ti­ons, mid­wi­fe­ry training.

expertise / Consultation

Dr. Elena Jirovsky
FC / FGM Expert

Medi­cal anthro­po­lo­gist and FGM Expert at the Cen­ter for Public Health at the Medi­cal Uni­ver­si­ty of Vien­na. Aca­de­mic rese­arch topics inclu­de sexu­al and repro­duc­ti­ve health, fema­le geni­tal muti­la­ti­on (FGM / C), migrant health, com­mu­ni­ty enga­ge­ment health initia­ti­ves, and the lives of health workers. Lead rese­arch in the EU Hori­zon 2020 pro­ject SoNAR-Glo­­bal: A Glo­bal Social Sci­en­ces Net­work for Infec­tious Thre­ats and Anti­mi­cro­bi­al, and pre­vious­ly worked for MSF and WHO (Ebo­la Respon­se). Coope­ra­ted in EU pro­jects at the Medi­cal Uni­ver­si­ty of Vien­na, such as HURAPRIM — Human Resour­ces for Afri­can Pri­ma­ry Health Care, and EUR-HUMAN: Euro­pean Refu­gees — Human Move­ment and Advi­so­ry Network.

DI Georg Matuschkowitz
Orga­niz­a­tio­nal Development

Aca­de­mi­cal­ly cer­ti­fied orga­niz­a­tio­nal con­sul­tant, coach and super­vi­sor. Pre­vious­ly head of the inter­na­tio­nal pro­grams (deve­lo­p­ment coö­pe­ra­ti­on and reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on) depart­ment at the Aus­tri­an Cari­tas Head­quar­ters. Self-employ­ed sin­ce 2018, working in inter­na­tio­nal pro­ject con­sul­ta­ti­on, inter­na­tio­nal deve­lo­p­ment, mode­ra­ti­on, and coa­ching. E‑mail:

Fatima Steinberger
Geo­lo­gist, Ori­en­ta­list, Trainer

Trai­ner and youth coach, social coun­sellor, aca­de­mic ori­en­ta­list and geo­lo­gist; born in Alge­ria — has been living and working with fami­ly in Aus­tria for many years; Fati­ma sup­ports Akti­on Regen with French trans­la­ti­ons for the edu­ca­ti­on sec­tor; her pas­si­on lies in the empower­ment of women and girls and the goal of achie­ving true gen­der equality.

Horst Haslacher
Horst Haslacher
Lay­out, Cor­po­ra­te Design

Horst Has­la­cher Iden­ti­ty Design, Expert in Visu­al iden­ti­ty deve­lo­p­ment and gra­phic design, as well as sys­temic design. Mem­ber of Design Aus­tria, clim­bing trainer

Umyma El Jelede quadratisch neu heller
Umyma el Jelede, Bakk.a
FC / FGM Expert

Paediatri­ci­an and health con­sul­tant. Medi­cal trai­ning at Alfa­tih Uni­ver­si­ty in Tri­po­li and the Uni­ver­si­ty Hos­pi­tal in Sebha, Libya. Health trai­ner at the women’s health cen­ter FEM Süd sin­ce 2007 and deve­lo­per of the pro­ject “Health pro­mo­ti­on for Afri­can and Arab women with a focus on fema­le geni­tal muti­la­ti­on (FGM)”.

Sita, 06.01.2019
Sita Weinrich
Vol­un­teer: for­mer secreta­ry, Eng­lish trans­la­tor, HIV/AIDS Expert

For­mer libra­ry clerk at the secre­ta­ri­at of the United Nati­ons Depart­ment of Inter­na­tio­nal Tra­de Law (UNCITRAL). Spe­cia­list in HIV/AIDS. Under­took the U.N. HIV / AIDS Faci­li­ta­ti­on Trai­ning in Vien­na in 2005 and the Encha­da HIV / AIDS trai­ner cour­se in 2008. Sin­ce 2008 con­sul­tant for HIV / AIDS pre­ven­ti­on for employees at the United Nati­ons in Vien­na. Has been vol­un­tee­ring to teach HIV / AIDS pre­ven­ti­on and sexu­al and repro­duc­ti­ve health edu­ca­ti­on in Eri­trea year­ly sin­ce 2001.