To achie­ve our goal of redu­cing pover­ty and empowering women, we train peop­le from local Afri­can com­mu­nities about fami­ly plan­ning and sexu­al and repro­duc­tive health; the­se indi­vi­du­als act as mul­ti­pliers, pas­sing on know­ledge and expe­ri­en­ces with a snow­ball effect.

beginner workshop

In a 5‑day begin­ner work­shop the par­ti­ci­pants, who alrea­dy work in the soci­al, edu­ca­ti­on or medi­cal field, learn core con­tent regar­ding fami­ly plan­ning and sexu­al and repro­duc­tive health. Our trai­ners are gynae­co­lo­gists who vol­un­teer to sha­re their know­ledge and have been pre­vious­ly trai­ned them­sel­ves as Rain Workers. Our work­shops are orga­ni­zed in coöpe­ra­ti­on with local NGOs.
We pro­vi­de a work­shop fol­der that has been deve­lo­ped for indi­vi­du­als as edu­ca­tio­nal mate­ri­al, and is avail­ab­le in Eng­lish, French and Ara­bic. Depen­ding on spe­ci­fic needs, our work­shop mate­ri­als can also be trans­la­ted into other local lan­guages.


Cer­ti­fied Rain Workers are gran­ted a 12-month sti­pend, and in return agree to con­duct two or more out­re­ach ses­si­ons a month that help edu­ca­te and inform mem­bers of their com­mu­ni­ty regar­ding fami­ly plan­ning and health. Rain Workers orga­ni­ze ses­si­ons in schools, youth groups, neigh­bour­hood mee­tings, health cen­tres, and work with reli­gious insti­tu­ti­ons, women’s and men’s groups, street child­ren, teena­ge mothers, HIV sup­port groups, and Uncut Girls Groups. Our Rain Workers are requi­red to sub­mit mon­th­ly reports to Akti­on Regen, so that we can deter­mi­ne how we can best pro­vi­de sup­port and adapt the trai­ning cur­ri­cu­lum with con­si­de­ra­ti­on to local soci­al and cul­tu­ral customs and ways of com­mu­ni­ca­ting.

probation time

After com­ple­ting the Begin­ner Work­shop, the trai­nees meet once a month with a local super­vi­sor, from a local NGO, to go over the pre­vious­ly dis­cus­sed mate­ri­al and fur­ther con­so­li­da­te lear­nings. During the­se mee­tings, trai­nees’ prac­tice as part of a group how to pre­sent the con­tent they have learnt and use the Akti­on Regen Tools to demons­tra­te the know­ledge acqui­red. The groups also dis­cuss tog­e­ther whe­re, when, and how out­re­ach pro­gram­mes will be under­ta­ken after the trai­ning is com­ple­ted. For the­se mon­th­ly mee­tings Akti­on Regen or the coope­ra­ting part­ner orga­ni­za­ti­on pro­vi­de a sti­pend for each par­ti­ci­pant, to cover trans­port, meals, and whe­re necessa­ry, accom­mo­da­ti­on.


Our Rain Workers sha­re know­ledge about the fol­lo­wing topics:

  • The UN Sustainab­le Deve­lop­ment Goals (Agen­da 2030) and Popu­la­ti­on Dyna­mics
  • The mea­ning and impor­t­an­ce of Fami­ly Plan­ning
  • Mother­hood and pater­ni­ty and the respon­si­bi­li­ties of being a parent
  • The needs a child has
  • How the body and repro­duc­tion func­tions, gene­ral awa­reness of human fer­ti­li­ty
  • Wanted/unwanted pregnan­cy and mother-child-health
  • Teena­ge pregnan­ci­es
  • Dif­fe­rent methods of con­tracep­ti­on (natu­ral, hor­mo­nal, non-hor­mo­nal)
  • Sexu­al­ly Trans­mit­ted Disea­ses
  • HIV / AIDS pre­ven­ti­on
  • FC / FGM (Fema­le Cut­ting / Fema­le Geni­tal Muti­la­ti­on), Sexu­al Vio­lence and Sexu­al Abu­se
  • Phy­si­cal Health
  • Human rights / Women’s rights / Children’s rights
Advanced Workshop

After the six-month-long pro­ba­tio­na­ry peri­od, during which trai­nees con­firm their com­mit­ment to the trai­ning, ano­t­her 5‑day Advan­ced Work­shop takes place. This work­shop ser­ves the pur­po­se of con­so­li­da­ting lear­nings and expan­ding on pre­vious con­tent. Fol­lo­wing the work­shop lear­nings, trai­nees take an exam to test their under­stan­ding of the mate­ri­al cove­r­ed. Cer­ti­fied Rain Workers recei­ve an Akti­on Regen Tool Kit, a Work­shop fol­der, a series of infor­ma­ti­ve leaf­lets and a Rain Worker shirt and may begin out­re­ach activi­ties with local com­mu­nities.


30 years of prac­ti­cal know­ledge trans­fer

5 Big Rain Tools for taboo-free edu­ca­ti­on

600 cer­ti­fied Rain Workers

Pro­jec­ts in 12 Afri­can coun­tries (Sene­gal, Gui­nea, Bur­ki­na Faso, Gha­na, Nige­ria, Ethio­pia, Sudan, Kenya, Ugan­da, Rwan­da, Burun­di, Tan­za­nia)

500 000 peop­le recei­ved valu­able infor­ma­ti­on regar­ding fami­ly plan­ning sin­ce 2009

500.000 auf­ge­klär­te und sen­si­bi­li­sier­te Men­schen seit 2009

One of our goals is “sharing know­ledge through net­wor­king”. Our “know­ledge as a gate­way to a bet­ter life / know­ledge as an oppor­tu­ni­ty” con­cept can be imple­men­ted by NGOs and deve­lop­men­tal orga­ni­za­ti­ons. We would love to hear from you regar­ding a poten­ti­al coöpe­ra­ti­on!