football and family planning

enlightment for young people

In 2018, Akti­on Regen star­ted a trai­ning cycle for 16 poten­ti­al Rain Workers: One of the vol­un­teer gyne­co­lo­gists from Akti­on Rain led a begin­ner in Janu­a­ry 2018 and an advan­ced work­shop in Novem­ber 2018. A total of 14 Rain Workers have been cer­ti­fied, who are sup­por­ted in part by Akti­on Regen and in part by part­ner orga­niz­a­ti­ons such as Hel­ping Hands Fami­ly, VVCM, Bban­ga Pro­ject, or Bru­der und Schwes­ter in Not.

Three of our ambi­tious Rain Workers have come up with a very spe­cial stra­te­gy to make fami­ly plan­ning, sexu­al and repro­duc­ti­ve health acces­si­ble to many peop­le. From Decem­ber 25 to 31, 2018, they orga­ni­zed the first foot­ball tour­na­ment in Busia, in which 30 natio­nal clubs com­pe­ted against each other. The event was a huge suc­cess with almost 4,000 visitors.

The Rain Workers main­ly use this event to edu­ca­te them about fema­le geni­tal muti­la­ti­on. In Ugan­da, less than 10% of girls and women are affec­ted by FC/FGM (Fema­le Cut­ting / Fema­le Geni­tal Muti­la­ti­on). Alt­hough the sta­te has pro­hi­bi­ted muti­la­ti­on sin­ce 2010 and has been impr­i­son­ed for up to 10 years, this prac­ti­ce is still prac­ti­ced in some eth­nic groups.

With the foot­ball tour­na­ment we made histo­ry and we can do more than this!

As part of the foot­ball tour­na­ment, our Rain Workers dis­tri­bu­t­ed con­doms, tal­ked to young peop­le in par­ti­cu­lar about WHY fami­ly plan­ning, pro­tec­tion against HIV / AIDS, dis­tri­bu­t­ed self-desi­gned fly­ers, and han­ded the first three foot­ball clubs T‑shirts with the words “Akti­on Regen — Know­ledge as a chan­ce!”. Becau­se this cam­pai­gn was so suc­cess­ful, our Rain Workers orga­ni­ze annu­al­ly foot­ball tournaments!

In his mon­th­ly Rain Worker Report, Sam Bbo­sa repor­ted the fol­lowing: “In Ugan­da, many peop­le still belie­ve that cir­cumcisi­on and geni­tal muti­la­ti­on are means of pre­ven­ting HIV/AIDS.

We want to con­vey that ever­yo­ne has the right to sexu­al and repro­duc­ti­ve health, and we espe­cial­ly wan­ted to empower girls and women. You must have the right to deci­de when, if and how many child­ren you want to have.

Abo­ve all, we want to empower young peop­le to renoun­ce mass cir­cumcisi­on based on reli­gious or tra­di­tio­nal ide­as. My spe­cial focus is to inter­vene ear­ly. We can still shape child­ren and ado­lescents, while adults are often too firm in their behavior. ”

Birth rate
6,9 child­ren per woman
Mar­ried women who use contraception:
Women who are geni­tal­ly mutilated:
under 10%
Mater­nal mortality:
Illi­ter­acy rate:
Men 23% Women 42% 
HIV/AIDS rate for adults:
FC/FGM is a blood busi­ness of defen­seless infants and child­ren worldwide