the goal: rain workers in every state

Sudan has been a glimmer of hope since the coup!

Akti­on Regen has been coope­ra­ting with EMoti­on sin­ce 2017. In spring 2019, Akti­on Regen and EMoti­on joint­ly held five advan­ced work­shops in North Kordo­fan (Al Rahad), South Kordo­fan (Kad­ug­li), Al-Jazi­rah (Baka­rat), the White Nile Sta­te (Kos­ti) and the Nort­hern Sta­te of Don­go­la. 40 Rain Workers were cer­ti­fied in the sta­tes of Khar­to­um and the White Nile. A total of over 300 peop­le took part in the work­shops, 136 peop­le went through the who­le trai­ning: The need for know­ledge about fami­ly plan­ning is gre­at. Our pro­ject mana­ger is a very ambi­tious woman who, in coö­pe­ra­ti­on with a Suda­ne­se NGO, has alrea­dy suc­cess­ful­ly com­ple­ted rain­wor­ker trai­ning in six sta­tes in Nort­hern Sudan.

My goal is to train a group of Rain Workers in each of the 18 sta­tes in (North) Sudan!” The pro­ject mana­ger also reports the fol­lowing: “The cour­se par­ti­ci­pants were all very inte­res­ted and they reco­gni­zed the need for birth spa­cing for impro­ved mother health and the sur­vi­val of the who­le fami­ly. Only up to now they had no con­tracep­ti­ves in their list of medi­ca­ti­ons, nor did they know how to use them. Ever­ything is just begin­ning, the topic of fami­ly plan­ning is com­ple­te­ly new, as is con­dom use! Until recent­ly the­re was no regu­la­ti­on for the mar­ria­ge of girls. From the first mens­tru­al peri­od she was allo­wed to mar­ry. Now child mar­ria­ge is for­bid­den on paper at least… ”

Trai­ning is dif­fi­cult in Sudan becau­se fami­ly plan­ning, repro­duc­ti­ve health or con­tracep­ti­on are not an issue in many regi­ons; the Rain Workers must pro­vi­de basic infor­ma­ti­on. The know­ledge of the 136 par­ti­ci­pants is cur­r­ent­ly being inten­si­fied after the advan­ced work­shops and they are being pre­pa­red for the cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on, which is expec­ted to take place in Janu­a­ry 2020.

Die The­men von Akti­on Regen  wer­den hilf­reich sein, Pro­ble­me bezüg­lich Sexua­li­tät und Part­ner­schaft zu erfra­gen, und die eige­nen Erleb­nis­se als Frau und Mann zu reflektieren

During their trai­ning, the par­ti­ci­pants learn to over­co­me the taboo and to speak open­ly about sexua­li­ty. It starts with the explana­ti­on of the ana­to­my, the fer­ti­li­ty of men and women and abo­ve all when it comes to con­tracep­ti­on. The lat­ter was new to the par­ti­ci­pants: pills are sold in phar­maci­es and hos­pi­tals, but cost the full pri­ce and are only avail­ab­le for mar­ried peop­le. The­re are con­doms, but they are too expen­si­ve for regu­lar use. (…). FGM (Fema­le Geni­tal Muti­la­ti­on), fema­le geni­tal muti­la­ti­on, is also addres­sed and worked on in such a way that the women have access to the expe­ri­ence that they have repres­sed or split off. The­se women will no lon­ger allow their daugh­ters to be sub­jec­ted to this cru­el pro­ce­du­re, ”exp­lains our pro­ject manager.

Birth rate
4,7 child­ren per woman
Mater­nal mortality:
Women who are geni­tal­ly mutilated:
Illi­ter­acy rate:
Men 21,2% Women 49,5%
HIV/AIDS rate in adults:
As a Rain Worker I took the oppor­tu­nitiy at Akti­on Regen to learn about Fami­ly plan­ning and sexual/reproductiv health to save people´s lives