Family Planning and Female gential mutilation

Working with Communities

In Aus­tria Akti­on Regen is acti­ve in the area of inte­gra­ti­on. In April 2019, our kick-off work­shop on fami­ly plan­ning and con­tracep­ti­on took place as part of the “Semi­nars for Women” seri­es of the ÖIF, the Aus­tri­an Inte­gra­tui­on Fonds. Asyl­um see­kers and tho­se with sub­si­dia­ry pro­tec­tion can take part in the­se vol­un­ta­ry workshops.

It was an inten­si­ve exchan­ge with the 25 par­ti­ci­pa­ting Dari spea­kers, in which we not only dis­cus­sed why fami­ly plan­ning is important and which types of con­tracep­ti­on exist, but also the simi­la­ri­ties and dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween Aus­tria and Afghanistan.

In the cour­se of this semi­nar, we deter­mi­ned the enor­mous need for edu­ca­ti­on here in Aus­tria, espe­cial­ly about fema­le geni­tal muti­la­ti­on (FC / FGM). Around 8,000 women and girls (the num­ber of unre­por­ted cases is pro­bab­ly hig­her) are also affec­ted or threa­tened by FGM here in Austria.

Pro­mo­ting edu­ca­ti­on is an important task of inter­na­tio­nal and Aus­tri­an deve­lo­p­ment poli­cy. Edu­ca­ti­on is an ele­men­ta­ry human right!

Rain Friends Project

Our RAIN FRIENDS initia­ti­ve, which star­ted in 2020, is a pro­ject to inform Afri­cans in Aus­tria who live in the dia­spo­ra and are inte­res­ted in fami­ly plan­ning and the tea­ching of the tools of the Akti­on Regen.


The aim is to inform Afri­cans in Vien­na about the acti­vi­ties of Akti­on Regen in their coun­tries of ori­gin and to impart to them in semi­nars and work­shops a basic know­ledge of the con­tents, tools and instru­ments of Akti­on Regen, main­ly on the topics of repro­duc­ti­ve health and fami­ly planning.

They can use this know­ledge them­sel­ves or pass it on to fami­ly mem­bers, friends and acquain­tan­ces in an infor­mal man­ner, be it here in Vien­na or when visi­t­ing the coun­try of ori­gin. If a Rain Friend has arou­sed inte­rest in the Regen cam­pai­gn in his com­mu­ni­ty, events can be orga­ni­zed for this spe­cial tar­get group.

Birt rate
1,5 child­ren
Mar­ried women who use contraception:
Women who are geni­tal­ly muti­la­ted or threa­tened by FGM:
more than 8.000 women and girls
Illi­ter­acy rate:
less than 1% 
HIV/AIDS rate in adults:
8.000 – 9.000 people
Edu­ca­ti­on is like light. It brings clarity!